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Truck Accident Injury Attorney Law Firm is the gold standard when it comes to handling California Truck Accident Injury cases. Our seasoned legal team has expertise in handling truck collision claims caused by negligent parties.

We believe that one of the most valuable assets for an individual is good health. When you are injured because of somebody else or a company's negligence, you deserve more than apologies. You require compensation for lost income, medical attention, and loss of life quality. Truck accident injuries could be life-changing and affect different aspects of life like financial, social, relational, and emotional.

We take pride in practicing law by principles of integrity and excellence. This mission is the catalyst to realize significant settlement amounts, verdicts, and satisfied clients across California.

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We Are Dedicated To Accessibility And Personalized Service

All truck accident cases are handled by one of our knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys. When you decide to hire us, you will receive direct access to the lawyer handling your case.

We focus on insurance and injury claims related to truck accidents and do not represent insurance companies. All our team members are members of the State Bar of California and have practiced personal injury law for many years. You do not have to worry about unqualified personnel making management decisions about your claim or dealing with case managers or paralegals.

Moreover, we use the latest technological advancements to keep you updated on your case progress.

Suffering an injury after an accident can be life-altering and devastating. It challenges the victim fiscally and could lower the quality of life. Bearing that in mind, we offer personal and uncompromising service, which has earned us a reputation throughout California.

We have confidence in our ability, and you should feel comfortable knowing that you owe us nothing until you recover your damages.

Why Choose Us?

If you have been injured because of another person's negligence, it is essential to have a qualified attorney at your side. Establishing negligence and getting compensation from the defendant or their insurance provider could be challenging. There are numerous insurance firms to select from in California, but your choice matters. Not every law firm has the same experience, skills, and resources that our firm has.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

Our Size

Due to our law firm's size and reach, we could assign several attorneys to your case, depending on the case circumstances. We have Legal assistants, retained experts, investigators, and administrators at our disposal and are part of the many resources you gain from hiring a law firm. Having skilled personnel in numbers leads to better legal representation and case outcomes.

Focus on truck accident claims

By focusing truck accident claims, we understand every aspect of a truck accident injury case . Unlike most law firms where attorneys work on all types of personal injury cases, we focus on truck collisions and have become experts in receiving just compensation for our clients. Overall, we can confidently say that we are more experienced in the field; therefore, you have a better chance of successful results and services from our attorneys.

State of the art technology and infrastructure

We use world-class tools and technology to maximize our work efficiency. We have direct access to legal databases, online resources, and specialized software to do technical research and sophisticated investigations. Moreover, we use technology to conduct presentations at case settlements and trials. We use technology to expedite the litigation and case-handling processes.

Hospital and home consultations

We understand the challenges that most people face following truck accident injuries. Most can't travel to our office because of their severe conditions. When you contact us, we can visit you at your convenience and start the representation immediately. It can be at your home, hospital, or any location. We will make sure there's no delay in legal representation.


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On your own, bringing a personal injury claim could be complicated or even impossible. Due to the expertise needed, it's not in your best interest to represent yourself. Working with our competent legal team will make the process easier and increase the chances of recovering compensation. With legal guidance, you can focus on staying healthy and your recovery.

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Truck Accident Case Elements

There are many types of information that we need to gather in order to build a solid case against the negligible party. In the following sections, we will explain various factors to know before pursuing a Truck Accident lawsuit.

Understanding Different Types of Truck Collisions

A fully-loaded truck can weigh eighty thousand pounds when an SUV or passenger car can weigh between three thousand and six thousand pounds hinging on the vehicle type. The truck's vast size and weight mean severe injuries, significant property damage, and an increased possibility of death should an accident occur. When you know the forms of truck crashes, you have reduced chances of causing an accident or suffer injuries due to another person's negligence. As discussed below, you'll find the various forms of truck collisions:

  • Head-on collision — A head-on accident happens when a fast-moving truck loses control of its rig and veers into approaching traffic, not giving other vehicles adequate time to prevent an accident. The driver can lose control of their vehicle due to drunk driving, fatigued driving, or distracted driving.
  • Cargo-related collisions — Overloaded cargos or improperly secured loads cause these accidents. It can also be due to spillage of beer, corn, boxes, or gasoline. Surrounding drivers are at risk for injuries and accidents if they cannot avoid the truck and its cargo.
  • Rollover accident — Just like it sounds, it is when the truck rolls to one side. The accident happens when the motorist loses control of their vehicle due to tire blowout, speeding, or overloading.
  • Jackknife accident — A truck has two (2) parts: the trailer and cab. A hitch that is below the forward area of the trailer connects with the cab. The hitch is a joint that pivots when the truck turns. The jackknife accident happens when the trailer moves and pivots on the hitch, acting as a hinge. When the trailer swings to the cab, the truck looks like it's folding. Most jackknife truck accidents happen due to improper braking.
  • Side-impact accident — Commonly referred to as T-bone, angle accidents, and broadside accidents, side-impact crashes are common in intersections. In the collision, the impact of the truck smashes on the vehicle's side, taking any driver, passengers, or car occupants out of the way. A truck driver who speeds through a red light or is distracted could cause a side-impact truck accident.
  • Underride truck accident — An underride collision happens when your vehicle collides with a truck by sliding under the truck. It can be along the side or from the rear. Due to the height difference between the truck and the passenger car, the car could slip beneath the truck, crushing the car's front and top and leaving occupants injured. Although most trucks have underride guards, the guards are not robust enough to withstand the impact.

Who is Liable for the Truck Accident?

Liability in truck accidents in California is founded on negligence. The negligent motorist is accountable to other road users for damages resulting from the accident. The negligence could be proven by demonstrating a traffic law violation or the failure to operate the vehicle with due care. A trucking company can also be negligent.
Per the negligence law, the negligent motorist should be held responsible for your injuries. However, to recover compensation, you should prove the following elements of negligence:

  • The motorist owed you a duty of due care.
  • The driver violated the duty of due care.
  • The breach played a significant role in causing your injuries.

The duty of due care needs the truck motorist to:

  • use care when driving,
  • take note of other road users, other vehicles, and obstacles, and
  • regulate the movement and speed of the truck.

Can You File a Personal Injury
Claim if the Accident Was Your Fault?

You can still receive compensation after an accident, even when you shared some portion of fault. Per comparative fault laws, you can be awarded compensation based on your degree of responsibility.

However, you can be partially negligent even when you didn't cause the collision. It could be a legal defense to a defendant if you weren't wearing a seat belt.

Even when you think you are partially or wholly accountable for causing your accident, it's essential not to accept liability at the accident scene. You don't have every detail at the scene. You might admit fault only to discover the truck driver was operating on a suspended driver's license or drunk driving. Don't admit fault, or you might not recover the compensation you deserve.

What Damages are Available in
an Accident Lawsuit?

Compensatory damages are tailored to compensate you for losses incurred. The damages in the claim include non-economic and economic damages.

Economic damages include damages where dollar value could be assessed and offer compensation for current and future financial costs. On the other hand, non-economic damages are difficult to attach to dollar value. They include losses that you've suffered emotionally and psychologically.

Some of the common damages include:

Medical Expenses

Your compensation award could include medical care costs. It involves calculating both what you have spent and the estimated future medical expenses. An experienced attorney will engage experts like accountants, actuaries, and physicians to determine the total future medical costs and needs.

Lost Income

You could recover compensation for lost wages due to the collision. It could include the time you've taken off from your work after the injury, loss of earning capacity, and income reduction if you had to return to a different job. Loss of earning capacity is the difference between what you would have made for the remainder of your lifetime and what you will make after the truck accident.

Loss of Consortium

These damages go beyond sex. Suppose your loved one has been involved in a truck collision and lost the capacity to offer comfort, love, affection, companionship, or the ability to engage in household responsibilities. In that case, you can recover loss of consortium damages.

Property Loss

You are also entitled to compensation for the costs of repairing and replacing your motor vehicle and other property.

Pain and Suffering

These damages compensate for the non-physical impact of your injuries. It could include sleep disturbances, anxiety, and fear.

Loss of Life Enjoyment

Life is more than necessities. You could be sleeping, functioning, or eating but unable to enjoy your life? If you are a pianist and have lost the ability to use your hands after your truck accident, you could be suffering since you have lost a significant amount of enjoyment in life. If you are hurt to the degree that you lost the capacity to engage in things you previously enjoyed, you could qualify for loss of life enjoyment.

Punitive Damages

If the at-fault party was careless or egregious, the judge could decide that they should be punished. In this case, the judge awards punitive (exemplary) damages. The judge should consider the following factors when determining the rationality of an exemplary damage award:

  • The total compensation amount or the harm you have sustained
  • The financial condition of the defendant
  • Reprehensibility of the at-fault party's behavior

What to Do After a Truck Accident

If you have been involved in a truck crash, you will want to receive full compensation for your injuries and losses. Discussed below are steps that can help you build a successful personal injury claim. The steps will help determine your compensation amount and prevent you from violating the law or having the driver's license suspended.

Stay at the Accident Scene

If any person has been injured or died, stay at the scene of the truck accident until law enforcers arrive unless you require medical care.

Leaving an accident scene involving injuries could result in a hit and run charge. The offense is punishable by a year in county jail and ten thousand dollars in fines.

Move to a Safe Area

If it's safe, move your motor vehicle to a secure place. Cars blocking traffic could lead to more injuries.

Leave your car where it is if moving it could be hazardous. Moreover, you should leave your car where it is and wait for the police if a person is severely injured or killed unless the vehicle could cause substantial risk.

Seek Immediate Medical Care if Required

If you are hurt and require medical care, don't wait for the law enforcers.

Call 911. If taken to an emergency room, give your contact details to the other parties involved in your accident.

Collect Details of the Involved Motor Vehicles

After you've moved your motor vehicle and sought medical care for those hurt, take photographs, or write down the following:

  • The license plate of all vehicles involved in your truck accident
  • The color, make, year, and model of other cars
  • The truck's vehicle identification number

You'll require these details when reporting your collision to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
The Vehicle Identification Number is in the insurance registration and insurance card. However, it is advisable to verify it physically, particularly when the truck driver is not insured. You can get the VIN on the dashboard and in the motorist's side door. Make sure you get the VIN with the truck motorist's consent.

Collect the Witnesses' and Truck Driver's Contact Information

Request to see the truck driver's license, registration, and insurance card. If possible, write the details or capture photos of the documents.
Also, gather contact info of those involved in or witnessed your truck crash.
If the police responded to the accident, get the name of the police officer.
Finally, give those involved in your accident your contact information, notwithstanding who caused your accident.

Do Not Say You Are Not Injured

Even when you believe that you are not hurt, don't tell anyone.
Some injuries, such as a soft-tissue injury, do not manifest immediately. Claiming you aren't injured might make the insurance company offer you an unsatisfactory compensation offer or even deny the claim.
However, this does not imply that you ought to lie. Lying might affect your credibility. You might say you are not aware and will seek medical care if required.

Capture Images of Your Collision Scene

Photographs of the collision scene and vehicles involved can help your attorney and insurance adjuster decide what took place. Capture images of your injuries and vehicle damage from different angles.
Photos could also prevent the defendant from claiming you caused your injuries or property damage.
If the victim had to leave the scene to get medical attention or it is unsafe to take photographs, they should return to the scene once they can if it's safe to capture the images.

Document the Injuries Sustained

Using your smartphone or camera, take images of all visible injuries. If you visit a medical facility, request your physician to take pictures of the injuries as well. Also, record or note down the impressions of what injuries are. The more proof of the injuries you have, the increased possibility of receiving compensation.

Record Your Side of the Story Immediately

Note down every detail of the accident irrespective of how minor it might seem. Some of the things you can record include:

  • Date and time of the truck accident
  • Your estimate of the truck motorist's speed
  • Road conditions
  • The color of the traffic light that was visible

These details might fade with time, so the sooner you write them down, the better.

Notify Your Insurer

Most people fail to file a truck accident claim because they fear their insurance rates will go up. However, it is illegal for insurance providers to raise rates in California if the policyholder did not cause the accident.

Many auto insurance policies need drivers to promptly report collisions, even if it is not their fault. The defendant might report the accident, leading to canceled car insurance or suspended driver's license.

Report the Crash to the DMV

The law requires an accident victim to notify the DMV of the accident within ten days if any person was hurt, killed, or the truck accident led to damages that exceeded one thousand dollars.


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